Corporate Benefits Plan

Corporate Mortgage and Real Estate Benefits Plan
Integrity You Can Count On!

Corporate Mortgage and Real Estate Benefits PlanAs a Corporate Mortgage/Real Estate Benefit Advisor, I set up Corporate Mortgage/Real Estate Benefit Programs for employers in Massachusetts.

The benefits program includes preferred mortgage rates through our preferred lenders, guaranteed cash credits toward non-recurring closing costs, a superior product selection, and pre-screened mortgage professionals and real estate agents.

The Corporate Benefits Program is a better way to purchase your home, sell your home, and obtain a mortgage. As a member of our Corporate Benefits Network, you’ll be joining a family of hard-working, committed individuals who are anxious to help you and your employees achieve their financial goals. Whether they are buying their first home, consolidating debt, or selling their homes, we have the right solution for them.

Why use us to buy or refinance a home? Because our focus is on helping you and your employees save time and money! Our objective is to offer you a user-friendly, confidential, full-service mortgage and real estate benefits package. Program benefits are voluntary and can be extended to family and friends.

When you make the right choice, you make the best choice. Best Choice Real Estate Services.

For more information about my corporate mortgage and real estate benefits program, please contact me, Lew Corcoran, toll-free at 1-800-984-3341. Or send an email: